Stuart has been involved in Delivering Customer Excellence and Sales for over 30 years.

In his early career, he managed hotels and bars and was a sales rep and sales manager for companies like Coca-Cola before moving into the world of training.

Stuart coaches frontline staff as well as Managers and ExecsHe now works with organisations who want and need to Increase Sales and Improve Customer Service – he liaises with senior managers to find out where the overall areas that they would like developed, he also likes to get down and dirty with the troops … the guys on the front line and first line managers to identify at first hand the problems they are facing and only then will tailor a solution to fix the needs of the organisation and/or individual.

Stuart doesn’t ask his Coaching Clients to over-think things

For pure Coaching, where he is looking to ‘pull’  from his coaching client, he asks them to think of their MLD

“what could you have done MORE there?”

“what could you have done LESS of?

“what will you do differently next time?”

When giving quick in the moment ‘push’ feedback he uses the “What? Why? What? Why?” Model

For example;

“What you did wrong there was AAA”

“Why it was wrong, is because BBB”

“What you could do differently is CCC”

“Why it as better is DDD”


He speaks at conferences, mentors and coaches senior managers and develops and trains junior management.

Stuart Harris