Are you a medium-sized or small business who may have a fantastic acquisition strategy but struggle to retain customers or spend while they are with you?

Whether you have a bona fides telesales, field sales team or a Customer Service Team that think they “don’t do sales” (of course you and I know that they do ‘do sales’ & that they may be struggling with that) I may be able to help you in your team to sell on the value that you provide rather than on the discounts they may be giving away

I deliver Keynote Speeches, Breakout Session and Sales Workshops all over the UK and many areas across the world and have designed and delivered Training & One-to-One Coaching programmes for people in Sales, Customer Service, and Management & Leadership roles.

I have turned around underperforming sales teams, developed 5-Star Customer Service Programmes for Small to Medium Sized Businesses and even some of the UK’s largest FTSE 50 organisations.

What do I do? Quite simply… I help Sales & Service teams sell on the value they provide rather than on the discounts they give away

More and more Sales Teams have to offer discounts to win business – often “giving away the farm” in the process…

what would happen if they fully understood the needs of the customer and tailored their solution and more importantly continued to service those needs or demands through the time that the customer was with you?

What if the customer stayed with you longer and even spent more money with you whilst they’re there?

Stuart Harris - Keynote Speaker on Sales & Customer ServiceSo, what about you and your businesses?

  • Are you thriving or struggling to achieve new goals?
  • Needing to develop a flagging team that you’ve inherited?
  • Are you looking to reduce your own stress levels?
  • Perhaps losing significance in your businesses?

Imagine ­if you could quite simply serve your customers better & keep them longer. What would be in it for you and your business?

  • Increased revenue & profits?
  • Leveraging a more motivated and settled workforce than you already have?
  • More stability in your businesses?
  • Less stress & sleepless nights
  • A happy, satisfied and well-serviced client base who tell other people in their business (and colleagues outside of their businesses) all about the fantastic and valuable service that you provide them

Wouldn’t it be great to get a huge chunk of your business generated from referrals from the customers that you already have? 

Throughout the website, you will see I have pages outlining my Keynote Presentations, Breakout Seminars & Training Workshops.

To check if I am the right guy for you, you can view some of my client testimonials and case studies

Like I said, I speak at events and run workshops, so if you are thinking about getting someone in for an event that you may be running please do get in touch with me by email or phone – my email address and phone numbers are at the top of each page.

Alternatively, connect with me through my Contact Page. Just send me a message with your name, email address and I’ll contact you within 24 hours