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Contact Centres

One of the Call Centres Stuart helped establish

Are your Contact Centre Call Handlers struggling to make the most of their Sales, Customer Service and Tech Calls?

Are your Team Leaders struggling to Motivate, Develop and Manage Performance?

Sales & Service

Stuart's SalesKerplunkaFunnel Funnel

Are you great at Winning Customers in BUT struggling to Serve & Keep Them?

What are you doing to build Relationships rather than just secure Transactions?


Can you honestly say that every customer is getting Exceptional Service when they walk into your Restaurant, Hotel, or Bar?

How would you score if someone Mystery Shopped your venue on your day off?

Are you great at getting customers in, but notice that they often leave once their contract ends?

— If so, give me a shout to help you Serve Them Better & Keep Them Longer —

More and more Sales & Service Teams have to offer discounts to win business or keep them from leaving…

what would happen your team fully understood the needs of the customer and tailored their solution and more importantly continued to service those needs or demands through the time that the customer was with you?

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