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Are your Sales Teams or Personnel targeting and winning new customers?

Are they smashing their Sales Per Hour and/or Conversion Rates?

Are they meandering through their Sales conversations, sticking to a strict script or following a really effective Structure.

These Courses, Workshops and Programmes will help you make the most of your Acquisition strategies


Are you great at Winning Customers in BUT struggling to Serve & Keep Them?

Some people say “winning customers is the hard bit” but….  it’s only the beginning of your customers journey with you. Are you ensuring that they continue to have an ongoing excellent service.

Customer Loyalty has changed since your parents bought and stuck with a supplier or service provider. The didn’t have the likes of Search Engines or Price Comparison websites, where they could shop around for ‘the best deal’. If your don’t continue to look after them… guess what –  when their contract or policy runs out they’ll shop round for the next “best deal on the market” (often the cheapest)

So, what are you and your team doing to build Relationships rather than themm just dropping straight through your Sales Funnel ?


Training and developing doesn’t stop with your Frontline staff.

What are you doing for your new managers, those existing managers that need to Motivate their People and Manager their Performance.

The courses, workshops and  long term programmes in the link below are for your Supervisor/Front-Line Managers and Leader. They are specially designed for anyone that needs to elevate their  skills or build on their existing effectiveness.

Let me help your team to  Win More Customer, Serve Them Better & Keep Them Longer

What would happen your team fully understood the needs of the customer and tailored their solution and more importantly continued to service those needs or demands through the time that the customer was with you?

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