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#012 SalesKerplunkaFunnel – Resolve Your Problems Quickly & Learn From Your Mistakes

Hopefully, you’ve had a chance to read my earlier Blogpost #9 SalesKerplunkaFunnel (click here to get to it quickly, this Blogpost and the following 8 will probably make more sense if you do)


A lot of problems with organisations is they don’t resolve problems quickly enough. Do something about them quickly and keep your customers aware of what is going on throughout – even if you don’t have a fix, let them know that you are still working on it and set them a realistic expectation of when the problem will be resolved.


Also, learn from your mistakes.


In the 90s, I worked for Coca-Cola for 7 years. At one stage I was working with some National Accounts such as Tesco, Asda, Morrisons (which was Safeway back then), Iceland and Somerfield.

My manager would often come out to a meeting with me to observe & coach me. After every call, he would say “Stuart, what’s your MLD?”


I still use his MLD Model to this day. It’s a fantastic coaching and self-evaluation tool.
What he was getting me to do was to consider;

  • What could I have done More of?
  • What could I have done Less of?
  • If I had to do that call again, what would I do Differently?


It’s a great way to learn from what we have done because the ‘More of …’ and ‘Less of …’ parts actually focus on what has already taken place. The “what could I do differently …” part focuses on an ideal world that has yet to happen? What could I do to set up that perfect world?


Resolve your problems quickly and learn from your mistakes
                                         Resolve your problems quickly and learn from your mistakes


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