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#017 SalesKerplunkaFunnel – Never Forget Your Customers Have Choice & a Voice

Hopefully, you’ve had a chance to read my earlier Blogpost #9 SalesKerplunkaFunnel (click here to get to it quickly, this Blogpost and the following 8 will probably make more sense if you do)

Think about the service that you are providing your customers. Are they staying with you or moving on as soon as a contract is finished – if they are, are you asking them why?

Are you looking for feedback, so that you can make changes to prevent other customers doing the same?

My parents were always very loyal to service providers such as utility companies, car dealerships, holiday companies, insurance companies and even their banks. Why? One good reason was there were fewer options to go elsewhere – there was only one electricity and gas provider, there was only one phone provider, etc., but it was also a lot harder than it is now to shop around.

Think about how easy it is to change insurance company or bank or mobile phone company or broadband supplier.
You just need to jump online and shop around or, if you are so inclined, quickly input your requirements into a Price Comparison Website and within seconds you have a range of offers at an even wider range of prices. (Just remember you are not always comparing like for like.)

So if it is so easy for customers to jump ship, why should they stay with you? What are you doing so differently to engage with them throughout the length of their time with you?

Never mind you, do they see themselves as one the customers or long term clients who feel loyal to you?

Again something else to consider is this – if my parents ever did decide to leave a service provider or shop elsewhere because of bad service, they may have moaned a bit to my brother and I and/or maybe even a handful of pals.

Nowadays, if someone gets poor service it’s all over Facebook, Twitter and Google+ in no time at all.

Remember, more and more these days, your customers have a choice to go elsewhere and tell the world about it as they leave.


Never forget your customers have a choice and a voice
                                                Never forget your customers have a choice and a voice


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