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hi, it’s Stuart Harris here, director of DRIVE Training & Development Ltd, and I’d like to thank you for requesting my report  8 Sure-Fire Tips to help you keep your customers longer (just click on the book image opposite)

Fed up with Customer Churn? These tips might help you keep your customers
Fed up with Customer Churn?
These tips might help you keep your customers

If you’ve ever heard yourself saying,

“I’m great at getting new customers in but why do I keep losing them after a year or so?”

“why are my customers only spending the bare minimum with me?”

“Why do I spend so much more time chasing new customers rather than servicing the ones I’ve got already?”

… this is going to be a real game changer for you.

In this report, I share with you some of the best tips and techniques I have either come across in successful businesses or have identified myself

Winning Customers, Serving Them Better & Keeping Them Longer is extremely close to my heart.

I’ve been in some form of Sales or Service roles since I left school, whether that has been running hotels & bars in my 20s, being Sales Rep, then Sales Manager, for Coca-Cola in my 30s, being a Sales trainer, then Training Manager for the UK division of the World’s largest group of Outsource Contact Centres.

Even since going out on my own 10years ago as a Speaker, Trainer & Coach, I still need to attract, develop and retain my own customers

How to Keep Customers Happy

Nowaday’s I help clients large and small to grow their business either through the acquisition of new customers or the development & retention of existing clients and I’m delighted to let you in on some of the Sales & Service Secrets that I’ve picked up over the last 34 years

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to give you some easy changes you can make to your sales and service strategies which will immediately make you more attractive to deal with to your new customers and existing clients.

I’ll provide you with Sales and Service Tips and Techniques as well as let you in on some of my case studies and will clarify some of the key do’s and don’ts.

After that, you can expect to hear (or see) from me once a week, when I send out TheStuarHarris Sales & Service Tip Sheet. Knowing some people like to pick things up in the written word, others prefer to watch a video or listen to a podcast when they are out in the car, at the gym or just out walking – so I’ll provide you with a transcription, a video and a podcast version of each Tip Sheet

Please drop me a line if, at any point, you have any questions or comments – I’d love to hear from you

As we say in Scotland “Awrrabest Awrratime”

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