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Keep Your Customers And Staff Updated

Keep Your Customers And Staff Updated

If you find that you are regularly losing customers, one the first things to consider is how you communicate with your customers.

I asked my client “How do you keep your customers AND staff Updated?”

He replied “when they take out a policy, we send them the relevant paperwork, but apart from TV Advertising and them accessing our website we don’t really communicate with them again until it’s time for them to renew their policy – so we send them a reminder 11 months into their policy, that their Policy is coming to an end and that they don’t need to do anything as the policy will automatically renew unless they wish to cancel.

“That’s often when they start shopping around for a cheaper policy and send in a cancellation form. We then write to them to try and win them back”.

It’s too late … the damage is done, they’d gone elsewhere by then.

He said “well then what can we actually do”? I said “think about how you are keeping your customers updated about special offers, new products or just a nice acknowledgement every now and then. How are you liaising with them regularly? What do you do with them? Are you emailing them are you having regular phone calls? Even updates just to keep in touch?”

Dear reader, think about your situation – how do YOU liaise with your clients once they have made a purchase and for the length of time that they are with you?

A couple of other things to consider, are you doing mass media? Do you all have a business Facebook page? If you have a Facebook page, what are you putting on that? A Facebook Business Page is not about funny stories about cats, babies giggling or how dull Adele’s latest record may be – you should have stories about what you do for your customers, photos of new products, special offers, news stories about getting awards or how you are different from your competition (that doesn’t mean slag off your competition, it means demonstrate how good you are not how bad they are. People, particularly in the UK hate negative promotion.

Something to consider is how you are communicating with your customers. Are you using the following mediums to engage with them, resolve problems, answer queries, promote events, provide discount codes or coupons, post photos from events, share good news stories?

  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Google plus
  • Newsletters
  • Podcasts
  • How-to Videos on You Tube, Podcasts
  • What about creating a Survey and asking your customers what they would like to hear more about and how they would like to be kept up to date with what’s going on or what special offers you may have

So think about how you are keeping in touch with your customers.

Keep in mind, how you communicate with your staff – they need to be aware of what is going on with events coming up, special offers, promotions, changes to what you are offering or amendments to things like Ts&Cs?

What tools are you using to communicate with your team? Texts? Calls? Email? Notice Boards? Memos?


Keep your Customers AND Staff Updated
                                                     Keep your Customers AND Staff Updated

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