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Know Your Niche

In the early 2000s Stuart worked for a group of contact centres that decided to relocate their main offices to Belfast. Much as he loved Belfast, he didn’t want to up sticks and move there, so he took redundancy and went out on his own.

In the first year, Stuart provided training for organisations as diverse as the NHS, SKY TV, a travel logistics company selling Tachographs, T-Mobile, Home Builders and Local Councils.
He had a great first year but his brother, Kenny, said, “that’s fantastic, but how are you going to repeat that again or even build on it? Who are you going to focus your marketing on? How are you going to find your market?”

Stuart was a bit put out to begin with. he had had a cracking year and as long as it all came back in, he’d be having another cracking year. But it didn’t all come back in, some clients only wanted him in for a one of piece of work, some were now self-sufficient, some were now more than satisfied with the sales figures that they were achieving.

Stuart was regarded as a bit of a Jack of all trades, doing almost anything and everything for almost anyone who asked.

It wasn’t what he wanted to be doing, he wanted to specialise in Sales and Customer Service for clients that he really liked and enjoyed working for and with. As Kenny had said “my market was a mile wide, but an inch thin.” Stuart had no niche in what he did and who he did it for.

Stuart wanted to be an SME in my Marketplace. He wanted to be the Subject Market Expert in Sales and Customer Service, so he decided on two specific markets and went deep.

His market was now and inch wide but a mile deep, he now had a very targetted audience but he has many ways that he can help my customers with

His first year, whilst great was all over the place

Know your Niche

He now focus on two key target markets – Contact Centres and Small Businesses but have a wide range of services that he can provide them

Know your niche
                                                                               Know your niche

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How Eric Morecambe Can Help You Turn Your Database into a Fanbase?”  

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