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Listen To What You’re Being Told

Are you listening to what you’re being told by your customers and your staff?

What are you doing as far as getting feedback from your customers and more important, what are you doing with that feedback?

In the training world, delegates fill in the happy sheets at training sessions. The 9’s and 10’s are great but I bet you 10 pence that if you ask any trainer what they look for when they get the feedback form returned is the odd low number and more importantly what comments have been left – is there something that can be done to improve the session they will hopefully pick up from that and do something about it? They will also use MLD to self-evaluate on how the session went.

In a lot of corporate industries, they look at a thing called Net Promoter Score. Customers may be asked a number of questions in feedback surveys but one major question that NPS focuses on is asking the customer “Would you recommend us to your colleagues?”
The score is calculated contrasting the proportion of Promoters (i.e. those scoring 9 or 10) to the Detractors (those scoring 1-6). This should hopefully provide a high positive score but it is certainly something worth looking into to ensure that there is an on-going improvement of the scores. (A separate Blog on this topic will be added it to this doc soon)



What are your customers saying about you?
What are your customers saying about you?

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