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Looking for a Sales / Customer Service Speaker for your event that will help your Sales & Service Leaders & their teams to sell on the value they provide rather than on the discounts they give away?

For the last 30 years I have worked for the likes of Coca Cola and with organisations such as SKY TV, Lloyds TSB, Tesco Bank Insurance, Three Mobile, T-Mobile, AVIVA/Norwich Union, CIGNA, Grieff, Cognizant and many more to help them not only win new customers but also to help them deliver an amazing service, get their customers to stay longer and to spend more on the products and services that their Customers need and want.

I speak at events large and small, delivering an engaging and content-rich presentation that Conference Attendees take back to their workplace and out to action

To push myself out of my own comfort zone, I also ‘do’ an occasional Stand-Up Comedy gig, to ensure that my Keynotes, Breakouts, and Workshops are fun, engaging and informative – audiences stay tuned in

If you’re looking for a speaker who will tell you about the sad things that have happened in his life, and how he came out the other side … I’M NOT THE GUY FOR YOU.

If you’re looking for a speaker who turns up just before he’s due on stage, leaves as soon as he comes off and you then never hear from him again … I’M NOT THE GUY FOR YOU.

However, if you are looking for a speaker who will help you Increase Your Sales and/or Improve Your Customer Service and/or Develop Your Managers and keeps your audience totally engaged … I AM THE GUY FOR YOU

Here’s my Speaker Showreel to give you a wee flavour of what I do 

… and here are a few of my Keynotes

Sell on Value Not Discounts

Are you or your sales teams only able to close a sale by discounting prices? If so, it’s time to say NO!

How can you and your Sales Teams Sell on Value and Not on Price?

Every time they knock 10% off, how many more new pieces of business do you or your team need to get before the business breaks even? You’ll be surprised.

In this Keynote and Workshop, I will share the best bits from 30 years of Sales experience in how to grow your business on Value Propositions and not on Discounts.

Delivering a ‘Fillet Steak Service’ in a ‘Mince Economy’

In these days when customers need to feel valued and businesses are being ranked by their Net Promoter Score or Customer Satisfaction Score, you better be delivering a First Class Service, otherwise, your customers will go elsewhere.

In the Hospitality Industry, customers don’t mind paying the price of Fillet Steak if they are getting Fillet Steak. What they don’t want to do is feel like they are paying Fillet Steak prices and get served Mince.

So, are you providing your customers with a ‘Fillet Steak Service’ or is it ‘Mince’?

In this session, I demonstrate some of my Seven sure-fire ways to make sure your customers are more than happy to pay a full price for a full service

Preventing Customer Defection

Stuart Harris - Keynote SpeakerIf getting new customers into the Sales Funnel is meant to be the ‘hard bit’, surely stopping them from dropping straight out the bottom must be the ‘easy bit’.

Well? … Isn’t it?

These days, customers are becoming more and more ‘Brand Dis-loyal’, gone are the days when a customer’s loyalty ensured that they stayed with the same bank, utility company or mobile phone provider. With so much competition for new customers, companies are taking their eye off of satisfying the needs and wants of their existing customers.

Unless a customer feels valued and wanted, they will jump ship as soon as their contract comes to an end.

Using the principles of a kid’s game, I demonstrate how simple it is to prevent your customers from dropping straight out the bottom of the funnel every time their contract comes to an end

The analogy is a simple but dramatic and effective one.

I deliver great content as well as tried and tested techniques and a wee bit of Scottish humour to fully engage my audiences.

Drop me an email or call to find out what I can do to help your organisation Increase Sales, Improve Service and Develop Managers… As Dr Pepper said “what’s the worst that could happen?”


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