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So you’ve got your customers through an amazing Customer Acquisition Strategy… but… come the end of their contract, they defect to someone else because they seem cheaper, sexier and perhaps the new kids on the block

You struggle to keep them or even spend more on the services or products you have available … do they even know what you have on offer? The only way you keep them is by giving the farm away just to retain their business … are they still valuable customers or are they costing you a shed load of money to keep and service them … like the girl in Frozen said, sometimes you need to “Let Them Go” Well … that’s where I come in.

Having worked in Hospitality, FMCG, and Sales for 20 years, I decided to move into the world of training over 20 years ago I now work with Sales & Service Leaders & their teams to help them sell on the value they provide rather than on the discounts they give away I facilitate workshops throughout the UK & Ireland and occasionally in mainland Europe and as far as Russia, India and The Middle East. I’ve also helped Sky and Tesco Bank Insurance launch 7 call centres.

On one occasion I worked with one Outsource Contact Centre, who were at risk of losing one of their major clients. They were tasked by their client to improve operational performance and increase sales or risk losing ‘300 seats’. I got the call and helped them do just that and the jobs were saved. I’ve turned around under-performing sales teams, developed and introduced a 5-Star Customer Service for a major Financial Services client, and worked with clients large and small to improve Oectiveness. I’ve even been called upon by clients to review and provide development programmes for Training Departments and Management Teams.

If you want to see individual improvements like this for your Sales team, check out my Case Studies and give me a call on 07708 640876

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