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Please find below a few links to some Case Studies that Stuart has pulled together with the support of his clients (who wish to remain anonymous, for obvious reasons).

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Tele-Sales Training

Stuart was asked by the Head of Customer Advice and Outbound and the Strategic Delivery Manager of one of his major clients to provide Sales training and coaching support for the most under-performing sales teams at its Glasgow Contact Centre.

Following the training, improvements in every member of the team were observed with an immediate increase in Total Sales, Home Conversion, Total Sales Premium and Total Add-on Premiums. The team went from being the poorest performing team on the project to outselling all other sales teams on the project by 20% (more …)

Customer Service Training | Case Studies


Stuart was asked to provide Customer Service Training by a major Call Centre client who, although already generally receiving fantastic Customer Service feedback, wished to take the service they provided to the next level and deliver a truly Five Star Customer Experience.

He completed a full Training Needs Analysis of what was already being provided – this included listening to recorded calls, side by side monitoring, discussions with Customer Service Advisors, Team Leaders, Ops Managers and members of the Quality Assurance teams.

A 2-day Five Star Customer Service workshop was developed and a number of test and learn sessions were trialled in one of their centres so that the module could be closely reviewed, evaluated and fine tuned.

The workshop; “The Five Star Experience”, was successfully rolled out across the remaining contact centre teams in York, Sheffield and Norwich and due to the positive results across all sites other business areas also requested similar programmes for their specific requirements. (more …)

Induction Restructure

Stuart was requested to carry out a piece of work which would improve the structure and effectiveness of a client’s induction programmes.

Objectives included;

  • Improve the retention of inductees knowledge and skills
  • Accelerate time to effectiveness of new starters and allow them to contribute earlier
  • Reduce turnover of new starters by eliminating the feeling of being overwhelmed by the size of the job in terms of knowledge and skills
  • Realign the current, somewhat fragmented, approach to training involving both induction and Academy/ mentoring phases to better prepare people for deployment to the business
  • Improve retention of advisors through the training process
  • Seek out bright minds (management potential not necessarily high performers) and tag them (more …)
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