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I’m sure you’ll agree that many businesses including my own and that of many of my clients have been thrown into turmoil this year, due to the Corona Virus.

Many businesses have had to either get their staff to work from home, go on ‘Furlough’ or worse still lay them off

The vast majority of my work in the last 14 years has been workshop led, usually classrooms with 15-ish people round the room learning in an informative, engaging and fun environment (I’m a big believer in the philosophy that if you ‘laugh you learn’)

So, it won’t come as a surprise I have had to tailor my delivery method from classroom to online

Please bear with me as I update my website to bring my courses bang up to date

The modules listed below have up until this year have been delivered in the classroom – usually around about 7hrs long (plus breaks)  – well I am now in the process of taking them online – either through interactive sessions via tools such as Zoom, pre-recorded Webinars, a combination of both or stand-alone Online Courses – all tailored to the needs of individual clients but all delivered in bite-size chunks – a number of fellow trainers have told be of their 6hour online Zoom calls – with a break halfway through the day… the thought of this fills me with dread – poor souls having to sit through that

So, if you are looking for an informative, engaging, and fun way for your team managers to learn, check out some of my modules below and give me a bell – if you can’t see what you are looking for, give me a bell. If I can’t do it, I’ll put you in touch with someone who can – I’ve been around the block for a while and either know stuff or know people that do

Courses – Classroom /Online Course / Live Virtual Session / Hybrid

Telephone Communication


  • What is Communication?
  • What are Communication Barriers
  • Building Rapport
  • Making the best use of Customer Offers
  • The Double Name Handshake
  • Using your Voice Effectively – P.A.T.I.E.N.C.E.
  • Questioning Skills
  • Stimulating Listening in your Customer
  • Demonstrate Effective Listening
  • Using a Framework to Maintain Confidence & Remain in Control
  • Checking Your Understanding
  • Confirming your Customer’s Understanding
  • Action Planning

Face to Face Communication


  • Recognise the Impact, Impressions & Importance of Body Language
  • Using your Adaptive Competence
  • Developing Your Listening Skills
  • Understanding What Can Build Your Rapport & What Can Destroy It
  • Managing & Exceeding Your Customers Expectations
  • Dealing With Unusual Requests or Difficult Customers
  • Getting It Right First Time to Minimise Complaints
  • Action Planning`

Having Meaningful Conversations


  • Understanding the Benefits of Meaningful Conversations
  • Using Rapport to Build a Climate of Trust
  • Factors Leading to Difficult Conversations
  • Language Which Engenders Trust & Ownership
  • seeing things from a Different Perspective
  • The right time & the right place to have a conversation
  • Giving feedback in a difficult situation
  • Action Planning

Mastering Persuasion


  • Plan, Prepare & deliver a message with clarity and confidence
  • Develop an authentic persuasive style
  • Use your voice to maximise natural impact
  • Understand & utilise key persuasive words to articulate your ideas with ease
  • Manager nerves & project personal presence
  • Be more persuasive & credible at all levels
  • Action Planning

Powerful Presentation Skills (pt 1)


  • Planning & preparation
  • Structuring the presentation
  • delivering presentations
  • Controlling nerves
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Practice Session
  • Group feedback
  • Action Planning

Powerful Presentation Skills (pt 2)


  • Presentation enhancement
  • Voice
  • Body Language
  • Visual Aids
  • Handling Questions
  • Practice Session
  • Group feedback
  • Action Planning
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