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I’m sure you’ll agree that many businesses including my own and that of many of my clients have been thrown into turmoil this year, due to the Corona Virus.

Many businesses have had to either get their staff to work from home, go on ‘Furlough’ or worse still lay them off

The vast majority of my work in the last 14 years has been workshop led, usually classrooms with 15-ish people round the room learning in an informative, engaging and fun environment (I’m a big believer in the philosophy that if you ‘laugh you learn’)

So, it won’t come as a surprise I have had to tailor my delivery method from classroom to online

The modules listed below have up until this year have been delivered in the classroom – usually around about 7hrs long (plus breaks)  – well I am now in the process of taking them online – either through interactive sessions via tools such as Zoom, pre-recorded Webinars, a combination of both or stand-alone Online Courses – all tailored to the needs of individual clients but all delivered in bite-size chunks – a number of fellow trainers have told be of their 6hour online Zoom calls – with a break halfway through the day… the thought of this fills me with dread – poor souls having to sit through that

So, if you are looking for an informative, engaging, and fun way for your team managers to learn, check out some of my modules below and give me a bell – if you can’t see what you are looking for, give me a bell. If I can’t do it, I’ll put you in touch with someone who can – I’ve been around the block for a while and either know stuff or know people that do

Please bear with me as I update my website to bring my courses bang up to date

Team Leader Training, Call Centre, SME
3-day Team Leader Training Programme

This 3 Day Programme is proving very popular with many of my current clients, as it covers many of their requirements – from Time Management to Giving Feedback to Coaching and Team Development

This programme can be sliced and diced any way you want – if you think some of your team need more focus on some of the sessions… I can do that

If you need to ‘sheep dip’ all of your team managers/leaders – we can do that too. We just need to chat and work out what you need and how you want it presented

Individual Team Leader Modules

Introduction to Management – Achieving Results Through People

Learning Outcomes

    • Outline the main responsibilities of a manager
    • Identify the role of leadership in management
    • Provide leadership to individuals and the team
    • Apply appropriate management style(s)
    • Devise effective means of raising staff & team motivation
    • Describe the need for performance management & staff development
    • Recognise the need for staff development
    • Manage your time effectively to enable you to manage other

Developing Team Performance – Lead Your Team To Success

Learning Outcomes

    • Manager responsibilities in developing teams
    • Your best team Leadership Style
    • The stages of team development
    • How to manage teams through key stages
    • Maximising team communication
    • How to manage conflict within teams
    • How to give feedback that will lead to better results

Leading A Winning Team – Get The Best From Your People

Learning Outcomes

    • The Leadership Pipeline
    • Four Leadership Styles
    • Varying your style
    • What is Coaching?
    • When to Coach?
    • How people learn
    • Learning Styles
    • The GROW Model
    • The five components of Active Listening
    • Typical reasons for avoiding ‘difficult conversations’
    • Transactional Analysis
    • Matching, Pacing, Leading
    • Understanding conflict

Driving Performance – Meaningful Conversations 

Learning Outcomes

    • Are you part of the problem?
    • Changing shoes
    • Giving & receiving feedback
    • Using effective language
    • Mind your language
    • Representational systems
    • A little bit of NLP

Time Management – Manage Time and Be Personally & Professionally Effective

Learning Outcomes

    • Turning values into goals and tasks
    • Setting SMART-ER (not the usual kind)
    • How to prioritise effectively: Important Vs Urgent
    • Managing interruptions and handling disruptions
    • Managing your diary and planning forward
    • Organising and conducting efficient and effective meetings
    • Self-discipline in time management
    • Breaking out of your comfort zone
    • Delegating effectively to get results

Overcoming Overwhelm – How to reduce the amount of ‘plates you’re spinning’

Learning Outcomes

    • Defining Overwhelm
    • Understanding why your brain isn’t ready for the modern-day
    • Developing a holistic approach to managing pressure
    • What is Self Awareness & why is it important?
    • How to push back without falling out with anyone… especially your boss
    • Developing your team’s resilience
    • Identifying when you and your team members are struggling


Learning Outcomes

    • How to effectively use the GROW Model of Coaching
    • Use The M.L.D. Model of Coach, Feedback and Self Evaluate
    • Applying the principles of Coaching
    • Coaching, Telling, Teaching & Selling – What difference does it make? 
    • Building rapport during a Coaching session
    • Powerful Questions & Questioning techniques
    • Stimulating Listening in others and demonstrating your own Active Listening Skills
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