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Team Leader Training, Call Centre, SME
3-day Team Leader Training Programme

This 3 Day Programme is proving very popular with many of my current clients, as it covers many of their requirements – from Time Management to Giving Feedback to Coaching and Team Development

This programme can be sliced and diced any way you want – if you think some of your team need more focus on some of the sessions… I can do that

If you need to ‘sheep dip’ all of your team managers/leaders – we can do that too. We just need to chat and work out what you need and how you want it presented

Individual Team Leader Modules

Introduction to Management – Achieving Results Through People

Learning Outcomes

    • Outline the main responsibilities of a manager
    • Identify the role of leadership in management
    • Provide leadership to individuals and the team
    • Apply appropriate management style(s)
    • Devise effective means of raising staff & team motivation
    • Describe the need for performance management & staff development
    • Recognise the need for staff development
    • Manage your time effectively to enable you to manage other

Developing Team Performance – Lead Your Team To Success

Learning Outcomes

    • Manager responsibilities in developing teams
    • Your best team Leadership Style
    • The stages of team development
    • How to manage teams through key stages
    • Maximising team communication
    • How to manage conflict within teams
    • How to give feedback that will lead to better results

Leading A Winning Team – Get The Best From Your People

Learning Outcomes

    • The Leadership Pipeline
    • Four Leadership Styles
    • Varying your style
    • What is Coaching?
    • When to Coach?
    • How people learn
    • Learning Styles
    • The GROW Model
    • The five components of Active Listening
    • Typical reasons for avoiding ‘difficult conversations’
    • Transactional Analysis
    • Matching, Pacing, Leading
    • Understanding conflict

Driving Performance – Meaningful Conversations 

Learning Outcomes

    • Are you part of the problem?
    • Changing shoes
    • Giving & receiving feedback
    • Using effective language
    • Mind your language
    • Representational systems
    • A little bit of NLP

Time Management – Manage Time and Be Personally & Professionally Effective

Learning Outcomes

    • Turning values into goals and tasks
    • Setting SMART-ER (not the usual kind)
    • How to prioritise effectively: Important Vs Urgent
    • Managing interruptions and handling disruptions
    • Managing your diary and planning forward
    • Organising and conducting efficient and effective meetings
    • Self-discipline in time management
    • Breaking out of your comfort zone
    • Delegating effectively to get results

Overcoming Overwhelm – How to reduce the amount of ‘plates you’re spinning’

Learning Outcomes

    • Defining Overwhelm
    • Understanding why your brain isn’t ready for the modern-day
    • Developing a holistic approach to managing pressure
    • What is Self Awareness & why is it important?
    • How to push back without falling out with anyone… especially your boss
    • Developing your team’s resilience
    • Identifying when you and your team members are struggling


Learning Outcomes

    • How to effectively use the GROW Model of Coaching
    • Use The M.L.D. Model of Coach, Feedback and Self Evaluate
    • Applying the principles of Coaching
    • Coaching, Telling, Teaching & Selling – What difference does it make? 
    • Building rapport during a Coaching session
    • Powerful Questions & Questioning techniques
    • Stimulating Listening in others and demonstrating your own Active Listening Skills
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