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I’m sure you’ll agree that many businesses including my own and that of many of my clients have been thrown into turmoil this year, due to the Corona Virus.

Many businesses have had to either get their staff to work from home, go on ‘Furlough’ or worse still lay them off

The vast majority of my work in the last 14 years has been workshop led, usually classrooms with 15-ish people round the room learning in an informative, engaging and fun environment (I’m a big believer in the philosophy that if you ‘laugh you learn’)

So, it won’t come as a surprise I have had to tailor my delivery method from classroom to online

The modules listed below have up until this year have been delivered in the classroom – usually around about 7hrs long (plus breaks)  – well I am now in the process of taking them online – either through interactive sessions via tools such as Zoom, pre-recorded Webinars, a combination of both or stand-alone Online Courses – all tailored to the needs of individual clients but all delivered in bite-size chunks – a number of fellow trainers have told be of their 6hour online Zoom calls – with a break halfway through the day… the thought of this fills me with dread – poor souls having to sit through that

So, if you are looking for an informative, engaging, and fun way for your team managers to learn, check out some of my modules below and give me a bell – if you can’t see what you are looking for, give me a bell. If I can’t do it, I’ll put you in touch with someone who can – I’ve been around the block for a while and either know stuff or know people that do

Please bear with me as I update my website to bring my courses bang up to date

I rarely, if ever get asked to deliver an off-the-shelf training course

Stuart Harris runs workshops on Increasing Sales and Improving Customer Service
Stuart delivering one of his training modules

I usually get asked to help Call Centres, Tele-Sales Teams or Small Businesses in the UK to help them with their Outbound & Inbound Cold Calling strategy or to increase inbound or outbound sales over the phone or Lead Generation or Customer Retention or Customer Service Calls. Few ask for Off The Shelf Sales Training Courses, I tailor each module to suit the needs of every individual client and/or department. I discuss the challenges my client faces and come up with a tailored and bespoke training course for their specific needs.

The list of courses below just form the basis of some the courses that I offer – from that I work closely with my client and their team to design a specific course to help them resolve the challenge/s that they face.

Tele-sales, telesales, sales, call centre, contact centre
The 9 Steps of the Ultimate Sales Call

Courses – Classroom /Online Course / Live Virtual Session / Hybrid

Below you will find a list of short modules that, depending on client requirements, I combine to put together a specific programme. However, the image on the right is one of my most popular programmes which is a great programme for anyone making Inbound or Outbound Sales Calls. This can be covered in one day or better still over 2 days so that lots of role plays can be done to fully embed the delegates learning.


Individual Sales Training Courses

Selling Skills – Fast track to Success

Learning Outcomes

    • The Sales Process
    • Attributes of a Good Sales Person
    • Core Selling Skills
    • Engagement & Rapport
    • Effective Questioning
    • Listening Skills – Stimulating Others to Listen
    • Listening Skills – Demonstrating Attentive Listening
    • Maximising Your Productivity
    • It’s All About Relationships NOT One-Off Interactions
    • Creating Your Action Plan


Introduction to Successful Selling

Learning Outcomes

    • Overcoming Nerves
    • The AIDA Model
    • Identifying Buying Signals
    • Using Trial Closes
    • Avoiding Objections
    • Overcoming Customer Concerns
    • Questioning Skills
    • Listening Skills
    • Setting Goals
    • Creating Your Action Plan


Advanced Selling Skills

Learning Outcomes

    • Engaging the Gatekeeper
    • Building Relationships
    • Advanced Objection Handling Skills
    • Advanced Selling Techniques – The Cross-Sell & Up-Sell
    • Advanced Questioning Techniques
    • Negotiating a Win:Win
    • Writing Proposals
    • What to do when they don’t return your call
    • Creating Your Action Plan


Selling on the Phone

Learning Outcomes

    • Overcoming Nerves – Pick Up The Phone… it won’t ring itself
    • Maximising Productivity
    • The Importance of Vocal Variety – P.A.T.I.E.N.C.E
    • The Ultimate Sales Call Structure
    • Setting Stretching Objectives – L.I.M.
    • Making the Most of you CRM
    • Outbound Calls
    • Inbound Calls
    • To Voicemail or Not to Voicemail? that is the question
    • Creating Your Action Plan
    • Engaging the Gatekeeper


Key Account Management

Learning Outcomes

    • Identifying Key Accounts
    • Developing Relationships
    • Writing Effective Proposals
    • Setting & Managing Customer Expectations
    • Diary Management
    • Developing your Key Account Strategy
    • Managing Your Time


Selling Through The Lens

Learning Outcomes

    • Using Virtual Tools such as Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams
    • Knowing your Tools
    • Making Eye Contact with your camera
    • First Impression
    • Keeping Your Customer Interested
    • dealing with more than one customer on a Virtual Call

Here is a link to one of my Sales Training Case Studies

Want to know how I can help you or your team/s win more sales? Contact me here

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