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Complaint Handling- Full Day

Course Objectives

The aim of this course is to develop the delegate’s ability to effectively handle Customer Complaints, improving your company’s reputation, increase customer loyalty and resolve complaints before they escalate.

The Course Will Focus On…  

    • Handle Complaints More Professionally
    • Being able to deal with complaints over the phone, email, or Face-2-Face
    • Empowering your Team Members with Effective Communication Skills
    • Providing delegates with Proven Complaint Handling Skills
    • Being able to handle challenging and aggressive customers much more successfully
    • Practice Complaint Handling Techniques through Scenario Based Role Plays
      • (provided by the client – Stuart can help with this if necessary)
    • Providing better customer interactions whenever possible
    • Deal with Emotionally Charged Challenges
    • Deal with Abusive Customers
    • Resolve Customer Conflict before it escalates
    • Improving Listening and Questioning Skills
    • Managing Customer Expectations

Who is this course for?

This course is perfect for individuals or teams looking to Handle Customer Complaint better – they may sound rather remiss or dismissive of a customer’s genuine complaint – this course will give them the tools, techniques, and confidence to deal with them whilst still providing their customer with an excellent experience.

Team Members in the following roles…

      • Front Line Staff / Salespeople /. Customer Service Teams
      • Help Desks / Tech Support / Complaint Handlers
      • Supervisors / Line Managers /. Team Leaders / Senior Managers

For the following sectors…

      • Contact Centres – Large & Small
      • Large Corporate / Small to Medium Sized Businesses / Solopreneurs
      • Hospitality / Retail / Manufacturing Sector

Where/How is this course delivered?  

Option 1 – In-House – Delivered at your workplace.

Option 2 – Off-Site – Don’t have facilities at your work premises? No problem, this course can be delivered away from your workplace at a training venue that’s more suitable.

Option 3 – Online – Via Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Adobe Connect, Internal Solutions

This Online option, of course, whilst reducing the cost of travel, accommodation & subsistence will lose the Face-2-Face Interaction & Engagement

For any of the Options above it is recommended that between x1 delegates and x12 delegates per training session is the optimum number, this allows for full interaction, involvement, and engagement

if you have more delegates, that can consider too if necessary.

Timings of this Course?


In-House or Off-Site – 9:30am – 4:30pm.

Online – timings are negotiable, however, many more breaks and breakout sessions will be included, to keep the attendees fully engaged.


Depending on your team’s availability, you can choose any time and date that suits your team best.

Delegates Will Receive


        • Depending on your Budget, you could choose from a range of print options.
          • Colour Printed & Ring-Bound Workbooks
          • Black & White Printed Staple Workbooks
          • Simple Low-Budget Photocopied Workbooks
        • Workbook PDFs will be created by Stuart, the printing can either be Self-Sourced by the Client or Supplied by Stuart.
          • If supplied by Stuart, they will be expensed at cost plus delivery costs (+ 10% Administration Fee)
          • These will be invoiced in advance of delivery
        • A4 Certificate of Achievement – again various options are available depending on budget.
          • Colour Printed & Framed
          • Colour Printed – Heavy Card Copy
          • Colour Printed – Light Card Copy
          • B&W copy or either of the options above


        • These will be created by Stuart, the printing can either be Self-Sourced by the Client or Supplied by Stuart.
          • If supplied by Stuart, they will be expensed at cost plus delivery costs (+ 10% Administration Fee)
          • These will be invoiced in advance of delivery
          • Pre-Course Questionnaire – via email (2 weeks in advance so that requests can be considered during final Course Design
          • Course Evaluation Docs at the end of each Module, including Delegate MLD Statements about what they commit to do More of, Less of, Differently following their attendance
          • Depending on Budget – these can either be emailed back as a reminder/prompt or a postcard reminder could be sent through the post to each delegate (this additional work for Stuart will be invoiced at his normal rate)

The Organisation Will Receive

        • Close Communication during the Training Needs Analysis Process, Design, Review/Develop/Fine-Tune of Materials, Delivery, Course Follow-up & Evaluation
        • Follow-up Call via Teams or Zoom etc for Feedback and to discuss next steps
        • Scanned copies of Delegate Pre-Course Questionnaire
        • Scanned copies of Delegate Evaluation Forms
        • A Summary Doc containing Course Scores/Feedback
        • Unless requested otherwise, Stuart will supply you with his impression of each delegate
        • A more in-depth report can be compiled if requested and budgeted for

If you have any queries about this Module please do give me a quick call or drop me an email

(details at the top of each web page)

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