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Turning Your Workplace into a Learning Environment

Create an environment for continuous learning and growth in business and personal areas where employees are expected to access Trainer Led sessions, e-Learning modules and self-study. 

  • Obtain executive commitment to continuous learning 
  • Have executive management communicate its importance to the entire organisation 
  • Communicate the benefits and value of learning
  • Integrate skills attainment into the performance assessment process
  • Encourage managers to work with individual employees to establish learning expectations and hold people accountable – both managers and staff
  • Foster an attitude that learning is expected
  • Establish incentives for learning
  • Ensure all learners have or have access to the hardware and software required to access e-Learning   

Some companies have found that a key barrier to self-paced learning is that learners don’t know how to learn without structure and human interaction.

  • Provide a schedule, with deadlines, and follow up by email regularly to check on their progress and let them ask questions. 
  • Schedule learning sessions and mark them on your calendar so that everyone knows you will be in training during a specific time slot.
  • Minimise interruptions during the learning session:
  • Forward your telephone, turn it off or do not answer it if it rings
  • Post “Learning in Progress” signs or use caution tape on your door or learning area
  • If listening to an audio eLearning module, use headphones and play the audio component of the course
  • Wear headphones even if not using the audio component of the course to tone down outside noise and so that others will know you are accessing training

Observe e-Learning etiquette rules:

  • Do not interrupt anyone actively participating in a learning session.
  • Play the audio component of the course only when you are using headphones.
  • Avoid interrupting your coworkers by using the e-Learning courses as job aids.

 Take responsibility for your own skills development.

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